Comments From Handyman Members




 Robert Hollis, -MA.

I found the videos to be very explicit and easy to

understand. My son is a mower & small engine

mechanic. He watched the videos with me and

was very impressed with them. I highly

recommend these videos.



Chester Weaver, - Ca.

I would recommend this video for any do- it -yourselfer or person

who has a lawn care service. The easy to follow video and

instructions will help anyone who wants to save time and money.

I found it very useful the first time I watched it.



Michael Anger, -NH.

I felt that the 2 video series was a good value.

Having not known anything about small engine

repair, I found the videos to be descriptive, easy

to follow & very informative. I recommend that

anyone who wants to know about lawnmower or

small engine maintenance start off with these




Paul Pffeiffer, - Va.

This is a superb product with extremely concise information. If

you have never worked on machinery before, this product will

guide you through fixing your lawnmower.



W. Tucker, -WA.

At first I thought this was going to be another boring video that

would end up in the trash. However while viewing it I found

myself actually looking forward to working on my mowers.

This will be an excellent reference for any man or woman who

has a small engine or power tool and wants to save money.

The step by step instruction and detail was outstanding. I also

Appreciated the attention given to safety. This video makes small

 engine maintenance & repair seem simple.



Charles Stelter, -IL.

This video is excellent for people who want to maintain their

lawnmowers. The tapes were very informative and easy to

 understand . Buying this tape and doing their own maintenance

will save people a considerable amount of money, compared to

having  a dealer or repair shop perform the work for you.



Howard Leadbetter, -NY.

This video contains excellent information on the how-to of

lawnmower maintenance & repair. After watching the

video my level of confidence in disassembling my mower &

small engine were significantly higher and I expect to reap

several extra years of service as a result.


David Dudek, -MO.

This is an excellent “How -To -Video” for the diyer. A lot

of clear close up pictures and detailed instructions. Several

“Tricks of The Trade’ help make a job easier and faster.

Well worth the time to watch completely.



Gregg Curtis, -VA.

With the many different types of mowers out there, this tape

gives good directions on many things that can go wrong &

how to fix them. After viewing the section on Tecumseh, I

had to go out & winterize mine for next spring. This video

showed many different problems and how to fix them.



Mr. Christopher Snider, -IL.

Very easy to follow, great attention to details. Enjoyable

to watch. Very informative truly informs & enables the

viewer to tackle repairs in the home & not  take them to the

shop. Informative & easy to follow.



Gerry White, -MD.

Overall this product is the type I enjoy diving into.

 It’s technical side of lawnmower maintenance is

very clear. I used this video to perform much needed

maintenance on my personal lawnmower.



 Mr. Emery Piper, -Al

This product is very good as far as explaining

features. Very easy to understand. Great

step by step features and illustrations on maintenance

and repair. It gives the break down of excellent

small engine repair.



Mr. James Greig, -Mi

The tapes I received were a big help. I now

can do the work. On my own lawnmower.

it is amazing how easy it is when repairs are shown on

the tape, to follow.



David Keefer, -ME.

The video is good for learning and

understanding how a mower works.

Shows how to repair several types of

mowers and motors. I even learned

stuff I didn’t know and I repair mowers.


Bill Weinand, -IL.

Very informative videos .Because of these

videos I will attempt to repair my own

mower and put more time & effort into

maintenance & up keep. Easy to understand.



A.C. Battenberg, -OR

Most anyone with the aid of these videos could

tune up or repair a small engine. Very few tools

are needed, if you get lost, replay and watch again.

This is an excellent video for non -professional or

the professional. Excellent show & description

of work involved.



Sam Bass, -CA.

I would recommend this video because it explains

the inner parts of a lawnmower and how to fix

and trouble shoot problems that September arise. Best

feature is the attention to safety.



Mr. Justin Simpson, -TX.

The explanations in these videos are easily understood.

They helped me fix not only my mower, but also some

of my relatives mowers. Had I bought them they would

have already paid for themselves. Great product and easy

instruction with regular tools.



Mr. Jonathan Spencer, - TX.

Regardless of the type of mower or small engine

you own, you should be able to easily do your own

repairs & maintenance. Step by step instructions

make it easy to follow along.